Hello! My name is Kindra, and I have ONE MISSION:

To help people just like you start, build, and grow a business online – without the hype, confusion, or frustration.

Kindra Martinenko

It's Time to Stop the Confusion and Start Selling So You Can Achieve the Lifestyle of Your Dreams!

  • Have You SPENT HOURS on YouTube Trying to Learn How to "Sell on Amazon" But are MORE Confused and Stuck Than Ever?
  • Are You Feeling OVERWHELMED by all the Tools and Services Available that Seem to Just Waste your Money and Time?
  • Are you Currently Selling on Amazon or Shopify But Just Can't Seem to Get the Sales You Were Expecting?
  • Have You Tried PPC, Facebook Ads, and Other Advertising Methods and are STRUGGLING with getting consistent, positive results?

My Story

Like many people, I have had the desire to break free from the “9 to 5 rat race” and start my own business – a dream I had ever since I was 9 years old.  

Every year that passed without accomplishing my dream of entrepreneurship, drew me closer to depression, anxiety, and self-doubt. 

Instead of making the decision to end my life, I decided to start a business. 

But I quickly found myself spending a lot of wasted hours researching online about “how to make money online”…

Was this just a big scam?

And that's when I Discovered
the World of e-Commerce
and My Life Changed Forever!

  • I went from zero to $100k sales using Amazon FBA in 12 months while working a full-time job.
  • I have scaled my success on Amazon to launch other brands on other selling channels.
  • I spend a lot of time doing things I enjoy doing now - like making music, shooting landscape photography, and most important, spending time with my family.
  • Now I am ready to teach you how to achieve the same success so you can enjoy all that life has to offer - by leveraging my knowledge with the amazing financial opportunity of starting an online business.

I Want to Help You Achieve Great Results!

Whether you're “Just Starting” or  Already Selling and Looking to Fix or Scale What you Already Have, We Can Work Together to Achieve Your Goals.

Customized Business & Life Coaching

My personal coaching program is designed for entrepreneurs seeking customized coaching on topics relevant to their desired business goals. My program integrates decades of business expertise with my accredited life coaching skills.

Sponsored Ads Advertising Training and Consulting

I am an Amazon Sponsored Ads Consultant. I help sellers develop managed-cost campaigns designed for conversions and ranking. Some of my Amazon Sponsored Ads clients have been featured on the TV show "Shark Tank."

Branding & Marketing Strategy

Leverage my academic and professional background in business and marketing strategy. I am trained and certified by some of the industry's leading authorities in SEO (Yoast), Social Media Marketing (DigitalMarketer.com), and Sales Funnel Development (ClickFunnels.com)

What Client's Are Saying . . .

Kindra helped us grow from nothing to 5 figures in a few short months .. As we continue to add new products, I have no doubt we will become a 6 figure company.
Joe S.
Amazon Seller
"Kindra has been an absolute blessing. Within the first few months of being on Amazon, we had an extreme growth in sales and reviews . . . Kindra will help you minimize your risk and help you gain massive traction for your products."​
Chris Cullen, Jelbows
Chris Cullen
I can vouch for Kindra Martinenko. She took a look at my ppc campaigns and I am delighted to say that I’ve gone into profit after months of crazy high ad spend. She studied my campaigns and reported back with instructions on what I should do to rejuvenate and optimise my campaigns. I highly recommend her.
Julie D.
Amazon Seller

Are You Ready to Get Started?

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