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How to Get Traffic to Your Sales Pages

How to Create a Parent Child Variation Listing on Amazon

I created this tutorial back in 2018 and it is my most watched video on YouTube.  Some of the process has changed but many still find success using the steps I outline here.  As of September 1st, the “check file” feature has been removed and you will be alerted to issues and how to fix these problems in your Complete Your Drafts section.


Guidelines to Source Products to Sell on Amazon

Learn about Amazon's policies and guidelines with regard to sourcing products and selling them within the Amazon Marketplace.  Many new sellers make the mistake of jumping in head first without understanding the different ways in which sellers can make money selling products on  Understanding the do's and don'ts of sourcing products will help you reduce your chance of making costly mistakes, and provide a foundation for a profitable future.


Amazon Basic Training

If you're uncertain about signing up for a course – and you're looking for free training on how to get started with Amazon, I highly recommend that you check out Amazon Seller's University

Amazon wants more people to sell on their platform!  So they created a lot of resources and videos – from opening an account, to listing your first product.   

If you need training on these very basic elements of selling on Amazon, then Amazon is a good starting point.  Click the button below, and then be sure to navigate through each section (Sell, Fulfill, Pricing, Grow, and Learn).

Want One-On-One Training or Help?

Yes, I offer training and coaching on an hourly basis.  Our calls are video conferences by Zoom and can be recorded.  A mutual non-disclosure agreement is required.  1 hour is $125 USD.  We can discuss anything you want about your business or even do screen share walkthrough training on a part of your business you're struggling with.


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