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How to Get More Product Reviews in 2018

How to Get More Product Reviews in 2018

One of the top questions I see posted on Facebook and elsewhere online by new and veteran eCommerce sellers is: “How do I get more verified reviews for my products?”

In today's post, I am going to show you one tactic I have used for nearly three years now quite successfully in getting VERIFIED customer feedback for my private label products.

This strategy is best shown visually as I wanted to show you actual examples of how OTHER successful sellers are deploying this strategy to get hundreds to thousands of customer reviews.

Before you Watch the Video

Before watching this video, I want to just say that the #1 thing you can do to get “5-star feedback” – for any product – and on any eCommerce platform (whether it's Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, or eBay) – is to offer a high-quality product that people will LOVE.

The Hard but Real Truth About Reviews

The fact is, most online shoppers don't care about you, the seller.  They don't care about making your sales conversion rates skyrocket.

The truth is, most online shoppers care only about themselves.

What's more, they probably did a lot of research to ensure they got the BEST product at the BEST price possible.

How to Get More Reviews (without being pushy, spammy, or slimy)

Watch this video below, and you'll learn exactly how to get more reviews for your products.  This is a strategy that is fairly inexpensive to do (about $.10 cents per unit) and will help increase your chances of a getting a verified feedback for your product.


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