Personal Projects


Photography to me is as much of an exercise in meditation as it is a creative art form. I enjoy shooting images of landscapes reflecting the contrasts between light and dark. Black and White and Macro are my favorite photography mediums.

Raindrops on Rhodies © 2018 Kindra Martinenko

Raindrops on Rhodies

myClone Leafeaters EP Album Cover


I also compose electronic music. Yep, I am a creative savant! No, not really. Just creatively curious. About 4 years ago I tried to relive some of my youth as a band musician and decided to teach myself how to produce electronic music. As a consumer of electronic music, I was always personally fascinated by the process, so this has been mostly an exercise in appeasing my curiosity more than about becoming a paid artist. My artist name is "myClone" and my compositions can be classified as "downtempo", "ambient", or "synth" - if you're into that sort of music, check it out. I am totally not at deadmau5 level, but hey, we all start somewhere, right?