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How to Create Power Filters In Gmail

How to Create Power Filters in Gmail and Get Stuff Done

In this post, you will learn how to create power filters in Gmail and other email management tricks to help keep your inbox at near zero levels on a daily basis. Learn how to sort and filter your email into meaningful categories and become more efficient in how you receive your information.

This is a Problem?!?

The other day I posted on Facebook that I had spent about an hour cleaning my mom's Gmail inbox – purging over 25,000 emails, creating over 15 filters, and 25 (or so) unsubscribes from junk email lists.

I just simply made the (*cough* brag) post because I felt like I was being a good daughter. 🙂

But something happened shortly after in response to the post that kind of shocked me.

Friends started commenting and showing me their inbox counts (I should give a price for the one with over 140k!:

Facebook post about Gmail filters


I didn't realize that this is such a big issue/problem/(hoarding habit?) among so many people!

And then it got me to thinking about how much useless information we receive on a daily basis – because it seems as though your email address is used as the “key” to any sort of app/service/list these days.

A lot of this email really doesn't fall into “spam” territory either, because most of the time we do “opt-in” – even if we don't realize it – marketers are sneaky that way!

The Solution to a Cluttered Email Inbox: Filters

I am a marketer myself, so I actually subscribe to a lot of lists just so I can reverse engineer sales copy to see what is working.  I have a filter that dumps all marketing related emails into its own “holding pen” for perusal when I feel like it.  That filter automatically marks the emails as “read” and moves them to a custom inbox.

Any messages I get pertaining to orders from websites I purchase a lot from (hello, Amazon!), I have a filter called “Receipts” that automatically marks the email as “read” and dumps all “order confirmation” emails into another custom inbox.

Oh, and have a filter for the friends and family as well – those all automatically get “flagged” as important, so I always see those first, because – family is THE most important priority!

Video Tutorial: How to Set Up Power Filters in Gmail

Here is a video tutorial on how to create this kind of Power filters in Gmail and clean up your inbox once and for all!

Note: If you're having problems viewing the video, please be sure maximize to full screen and to click the “gear” (Settings) in the lower right-hand corner and change the resolution to 1080p!

The video is broken up into two parts:  The first part is about how to create filters and mass-delete lots of email at once within Gmail.

In the final 10 minutes of the video, I hop over to my Email client on my Mac (I am using High Sierra OSX as of this post), and I show you how to create similar folders and filters for multiple accounts managed by your Mac's email app.

If you have any questions, please be sure to comment below so I can clarify anything you're caught up on.

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